Meet Sue Johnson

Meet Sue Johnson

Meet one of our incredible team members here at Farquhar & Associates: Sue Johnston!

Born and raised in PA, Sue grew up surrounded by the beautiful views and communities Pennsylvania has to offer. Before she became a licensed agent, Sue dreamed of being a professional tap dancer and even a social worker. After working her way through school, even working evenings to get her MBA, she got her license and pursued doing what she loves. But before Sue was here at FA, she served our country for 25 years. 

Sue tells us the story of how she enlisted and served our country here:

 “I ​married young to an Air Force service member and was working at Sears Hardware part-time for awhile.  Then, I noticed that his job seemed like something I could do. So, I enlisted and retired from the Air Force after serving 25 years.”

After 12+ years active duty starting in Refrigeration/AC Repair with Civil Engineering and 12+ years in the WV ANG, Sue retired as a Master Sergeant.

After a little push from a prior Marine, Sue finally jumped into real estate now that she’s in her retirement. She’s been working in the industry now for a little over a year and has been a great addition to the FA Team!

Sue brings her experience growing up and in the Air Force into her work here as well.  She brings structure, teamwork, time management, and personal skills that help her provide an incredible experience to all of her clients. Sue loves everything that comes with helping her clients buy their dream home and work smarter not harder while doing it. 

Sue’s advice to first time home buyers is: 

“​No question is stupid.  If you don’t know, ask.  As an agent, it is important to share all types of information with First-Time Home Buyers, just to make sure they are well informed.  I work with clients to make their home purchase come true without the high-pressure sales pitch. I provide honest feedback, so a buyer can make an informed decision.”

Sue is an incredible part of our team here at Farquhar & Associates Team at RE/MAX Patriots, and soon will be joined in her work alongside her husband Kurt, who has his real estate license as well!


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