3 Reasons to List Near the Holidays

3 Reasons to List Near the Holidays

As summer settles down and we move into the cooler months, you might think you have to wait to find your dream home til next year… Think again!

While the winter is considered real estate off-season, there’s a lot of benefits to moving at the end/beginning of the year while the weather’s cold. 

Here’s our top 3 reasons you might consider moving in the winter:


While the summer real estate market bursts with competition, the slower winter months means less competing for home buyers and sellers. Home buyers have less competition with fewer buyers looking to move in the slower months. This slow season also provides an opportunity to those selling their homes with fewer houses on the market to compete with, along with more serious buyers. 


While the summer market can paint a pretty picture for homes with green, fresh-cut lawns, the winter provides a more realistic picture of how your home will be when in full force to keep you warm in the winter. If you have or are looking for a home with efficient features, the winter market may be perfect for you. Energy efficient features you can highlight and assess include smart thermostats, solar panels, quality window treatments, energy efficient dual-pane windows, new attic insulation, a newer HVAC system, recently cleaned air ducts and vents, and a tankless water heater.


End of year tax breaks may motivate you and others to take advantage of the winter market. Did you know home buyers can write off some home purchasing expenses, along with the tax benefits that come with owning a home. 

Looking to learn more about taking advantage of the winter market? Reach out to one of our agents today!


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