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More Than Just a Listing Agent, We’re a Full-Service Selling Agent for York County, PA.

You’ve made your decision! It’s time to sell your home and move to your dream home…

Your home has served you well, and you’ve likely made many special memories in it. But as time goes on, you’re craving something a little bigger. It’s time to buy your dream home! But you understand this process isn’t easy. It requires diligence, strategy, and the assistance of an expert who can help you navigate the nuances.

That’s where I come in.

You are right to want to sell your house for the maximum sale price with fewer days on market. You want the right buyers, and you want to be able to move through the inspection process smoothly, so that you can get to your next house without much hassle.

With servicing 80+ clients a year, we at Farquhar and Associates have come up with a tried-and-true way that has helped our clients maximize their returns to fund their future plans. You won’t have to guess what is coming next for you, we provide guidance at every stage in the process.

What to Expect From Me:

1. Initial Goal:

On this call, we’ll gather some general information about your goals and timeline, that way we can research and prepare for your Strategic Marketing Consultation.

2. Strategic Marketing Consultation:

In about 90 minutes, we will walk through your house to get a sense of how we can best market it, this includes any ROI-based home updates that will help us maximize your sales price. From there, we’ll sit down and do a deep dive into your goals, to make sure we understand exactly what you want, and map out our strategic marketing plan. We’ll also cover market stats and other details you’ll need to know for selling your home.

3. Next Steps:

Our priority is to keep you informed throughout the process and set you up to sell within your timeline. We start by setting dates for the home preparation phase, which includes repairs and cleaning. Once the home is show-ready, I’ll coordinate with my network of contractors to collect the marketing materials we’ll need to attract the right type of buyers. As offers start coming in, I’ll help you access each one and negotiate for the price and terms you deserve. With my systematic approach, we’ll get you through closing in no time, that way you start your next chapter stress-free.

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We are going to walk beside you through this entire process. We will make sure you stay informed, and that things get done on time and the right way.

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Seller Resources

The process of selling your home can be overwhelming, that’s why we’ve created these free resources for you to use.

April was very knowledgeable about the process of selling my home to get a decent price and buying my new condo. I enjoyed working with her. I would definitely recommend her to other people thinking about either buying or selling a house.