Brand Story

Brand Story

An Entrepreneurial Spirit
Mack Farquhar has always been an entrepreneur. He loves the thrill of taking calculated risks, and the art of making deals. At the same time, he is a visionary and he truly cares about people. He enjoys seeing challenges with eyes of originality, innovation, and motivation. In 2015 when Mack entered the real estate industry, it didn’t take him long to discover a vision for the way things ought to be better. Out of that vision, Mack started The Farquhar Group. In the beginning it was a team of two that shared a commitment to not only sell a lot of real estate, but to do it differently – backed by core values, focused solely on the needs of the clients, and to provide a level of professionalism and customer service that was head and shoulders above the competition.

Team Players
Fast forward seven years, and today that original team has become Farquhar& Associates. The duo has grown to a team of more than 10. We cultivate a professional, yet personal work environment centered around camaraderie. We pride ourselves in being supportive of each other and we’re dedicated to doing business “the right way.” Our team of diverse individuals bring all of their unique experiences and knowledge to each and every client. This way, clients are getting a highly-experienced, committed team, not just a single agent. Our goal, by providing personal, top-level service to every single client, is to actively change the landscape of the real estate industry in York County.

Our client-first approach to real estate is apparent in the relationships we’ve built over the years. We know that purchasing or selling a home is a huge decision in the course of your lifetime. It’s our privilege to create and maintain transparent, trustworthy relationships so that we can make our client’s dreams a reality.

Farquhar & Associates Values
We value people, and we invest in bettering each other and our community. 

We do things the right way. We earn respect by being transparent and trustworthy.

We take pride in helping others. We put our clients’ needs first, and team above self.

We try new things, always seeking to improve to better serve our clients.


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When Mack Farquhar entered the real estate industry in 2015, it didn’t take him long to discover a vision for the way things ought to be better. Out of that vision, Mack started The Farquhar Group and shortly after that he began flipping houses. At the end of 2016, Mack started flipping homes and has … Continued

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