Top 5 Outdoor Summer Activities in York, PA

Top 5 Outdoor Summer Activities in York, PA

York County continues to attract potential buyers to the area. Whether you’ve recently moved or are looking to relocate, you might be wondering what to do this summer in York. Look no further, here are the top 5 things to do in York this Summer:

  1. Get Outside
    York County is home to incredible parks and trails that offer free views all summer long. Whether you’re looking to hike with friends, a furry friend, or your kids — there are plenty of options including Rocky Ridge, Heritage Rail Trail, or John Rudy Dog Park.
  2. Catch a Ball Game
    Nothing screams summer like baseball. Downtown York is home to the York Revolution Baseball Stadium where you can go and enjoy a nice summer evening out with friends, family, or even both! Tickets can be purchased in advance to pick which game you want to attend via their website.
  3. Meet Some New (Furry) Neighbors
    Did you know Central PA is home to an incredible zoo? Visit Lake Tobias Wildlife Park! Their 150-acre wildlife park and zoo host fun family activities and animal attractions for all ages. This is something you don’t want to miss this summer!
  4. Pick Your Favorite Summer Snack
    Located in York County is Brown’s Orchard & Farm Market where you and your friends can go out and pick fresh fruit from the orchard. Looking to stay cool? Their farm market offers incredible fresh food and baked goods that you can buy and enjoy in the shade.
  5. Take a Night Out at the Fair
    This July the York Fair returns with incredible food, rides, and concerts to enjoy all week long! Go once, or every single night, for different concerts and attractions you and the entire family can enjoy!

Enjoy all that York has to offer, and if you’re looking to relocate to enjoy the area for longer than just the summer contact one of our agents to help you get into your dream home!


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